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Y6 Growth Opportunities

In order to ease the transition from primary to secondary school and better prepare our pupils for Year 7 we gradually increase the level of responsibility they have within the school.

This takes place in many ways and goes a long way to increasing their self-esteem and confidence:

  • From Year 6 pupils are allowed to walk to/from school on their own.
  • Each Year 6 pupil is ‘buddied up’ with a Reception pupil.
  • Year 6 pupils have the choice of spending their break time in the Early Years or KS1 playgrounds helping to look after the younger children.
  • Year 6 pupils are in charge of ensuring that all play equipment is put away at the end of each break time.
  • Year 6 are tasked with refilling water bottles, and helping ensure the library and cloakrooms are kept clean and tidy.
  • Year 6 pupils work the hall lights and AV equipment for assemblies and plays.

“Pupils are given responsibilities in school and take pride when carrying them out.” OFSTED 2018