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Topic Based Approach

At The Lea we have developed a topic based approach to learning which links subjects together and teaches the skills that underpin the whole curriculum. This approach includes visits and visitors which enrich learning and encourage children to want to know more.

For example, when learning about the Rainforest, pupils may cover the following:

  • Geography – study maps to see which areas of the world are classed as rainforest and the climate they share
  • Science – learn about the animals that live in rainforests and their habitat
  • English – write about the rainforest and some of the animals
  • Computing – research elements of the rainforest and type out the stories they wrote in English
  • Art – create pictures of various animals in the rainforest using different artistic techniques and decorate the classroom as a rainforest
  • Wow’ learning – returning to class after break to discover that their class rainforest has been cut down (to understand the impact of deforestation)
  • D&T – design fliers to raise awareness of deforestation
  • History – learn how rainforests have changes over time
  • Class Trip – visit the rainforest at the London Zoo
  • Music – host a class assembly where they’ll sing songs about the rainforest (using recorders and xylophones) and share their learning with the rest of the school
  • Etc.

We aim to immerse the children in their learning. For their work on the Great Fire of London, pupils build a replica of London and watch it burn. By making it so memorable, the children’s ability to recall their learning is greatly enhanced – they will talk about their ‘wow’ experiences for years to come.” Class Teacher

Our topics for this year are:

Autumn Spring Summer
Y1 Circus Remembrance Why don’t penguins need to fly?
Life of Florence Nightingale
Y2 Why does it matter where our food comes from?

Time travellers – Great Fire of London

What is the geography of where I live?

Lives of Christopher Columbus & Neil Armstrong

Local History – The Oval How does Kampong Ayer compare with where I live?
Y3 Stone Age to Iron Age Physical and British Geography Earthquakes & Volcanoes The Aztecs Tudors
Y4 Rainforests Tomb raiders – Egyptians British physical geography Roman Empire Local area
Y5 Rivers Victorians Mountains Ancient Greeks European Countries
Y6 Second World War Anglo- Saxons & Vikings Coasts
Europe and the UK