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Aims & Values

Our Aims

We aim to provide an educational and social environment, which nurtures and challenges each child, enabling individuals to flourish and to achieve their highest possible potential.

We achieve this by:

  • promoting a sense of responsibility towards other people, property and the environment by developing children’s social, moral, cultural and spiritual awareness
  • developing children’s self-confidence, self-respect and independence
  • making learning a positive experience where children can achieve success and learn from their mistakes
  • expecting and acknowledging high personal standards and effort in academic work and personal behaviour
  • assessing children on a regular basis to monitor progression
  • providing feedback to children and their parents about individual achievement
  • meeting the demands of the National Curriculum
  • setting challenging but achievable targets to develop children’s knowledge, understanding and skills
  • preparing children for the next stages of learning.

Our Vision

We have a very clear vision for our school which encompasses all that we value.

  • Learn – developing a love of learning, creating opportunities to challenge ourselves and recognising that making mistakes is a part of learning
  • Enjoy – allowing us to play, have fun, and make friends for life in a safe, nurturing and diverse community
  • Achieve – believing in ourselves, allowing us to grow and be confident, enabling us to be the best we can be.