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Personal Development


Personal Development at The Lea

We understand that we have an incredibly important role to play as educators – providing for our children’s personal development. Personal development involves the entire world of a child and permeates through all that we do and all elements of our curriculum. It extends well beyond the classroom and academic learning. With the aim that children have a high quality provision which encourages, develops, enables and supports all:

  • To be responsible, respectful and active citizens
  • To be physically and mentally healthy and have strategies to manage their health and wellbeing
  • To understand British values and how to contribute to life in British society
  • To understand personal traits and character and how these can positively influence motivation and conduct
  • To behave with integrity and understand deeply the school values of pride, ambition, kindness and respect
  • To understand healthy relationships and how to stay safe in the modern world
  • To be respectful and tolerant of differences and promote inclusivity, equality and equity
  • To explore talents and interests
  • To be ready to move to the next phase of education