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Music Lessons

In addition to the music curriculum, which all children have access to, we have a number of opportunities for pupils to  develop their musical skills either as extra-curricular activities or as whole class projects.   Children are encouraged to take part in productions and performances, for example the Christmas nativity play, school concerts, the Rotary Carol Concert, the KS1 Music Festival, Spring Festival and Young Voices.

Violin Lessons

Hertfordshire Music Services provide free violin lessons to pupils in Year 3.  The same teacher then offers private violin lessons in school for those pupils  interested to  continue to learn this instrument.   Please contact the school office for current prices.

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons take place  during school hours with Liz Low.  Sessions are 1-to-1 and last 20 minutes each. There is a timetable in operation so that students do not always miss the same lesson.   If you would like more information or wish to go on to her waiting list, please email Liz at