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Our children are proud to wear school uniform as it gives them a sense of identity and pride in belonging to The Lea.

School uniform is available online from Beat School Uniforms.  There is free home delivery for orders over £20 or free delivery to the school.  Parents who do not have internet access can call them direct on 0203 362 2930 or visit their Harpenden store (4 Station Road, Harpenden, AL5 4SE).

Your child should attend school in uniform as follows:


  • Sky blue ‘Lea Primary School’ polo shirt
  • Navy blue skirt / navy pinafore / navy tailored trousers (not leggings, jeans, tracksuit bottoms, etc.)
  • Navy blue ‘Lea Primary School’ sweatshirt (not hoody) or cardigan
  • Sky blue gingham dress (during the summer months)
  • White socks or navy blue tights
  • Navy or black shoes / black trainers


  • Sky blue ‘Lea Primary School’ polo shirt
  • Grey trousers / shorts
  • Navy blue ‘Lea Primary School’ sweatshirt (not hoody)
  • Grey / black socks
  • Navy or black shoes / black trainers

PE/Games kit

  • Sky blue ‘Lea Primary School’ t-shirt
  • Navy or black shorts
  • Black plimsolls for indoor PE
  • Tracksuit and trainers for outdoor games (including ‘Lea Primary School’ hoody)
  • Spare pair of white socks (for girls that come to school in tights!)


  • Please note that although the logo’d uniform must be bought from Beat School Uniforms, you are not obliged to buy the other items from them.
  • Nursery children are not required to wear uniform – for them it is entirely optional.
  • It would be useful if Nursery and Reception children have a pair of Wellington boots that can stay at school for going outdoors in wet weather.
  • All children will need a coat and sensible footwear as we go outside on a daily basis.
  • School hoodies are uniform for PE lessons and not for general day to day wear.
  • All children with long hair must have it tied back for school. It is important that children come to school ready to start the day looking smart, and tying hair back also limits the spread of head lice so is very important.  Additionally, oversized bows and hair clips should not be worn to school.
  • Jewellery must not be worn to school.  Children with pierced ears may wear studs, but in order to comply
    with health and safety guidance, these will need to be covered or removed during PE lessons.
  • Children should bring in a water bottle to school – these are available to buy from the school office for £1 if needed.
  • Children in Reception to Y6 need a book bag – these are available from Beat School Uniform.
  • The school’s uniform policy can be viewed here.

PLEASE remember to clearly label EVERY ITEM with your child’s name.