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What does the Governing Body do?

The Governors are charged with the responsibility of working with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that pupils at The Lea receive an excellent standard of education. Together, they set the strategic direction and ethos of the school and help to monitor progress towards our goals. They are involved in reviewing the performance of the school and setting policies. They also oversee the school’s finances, determining how best to use the funds available to allow us to achieve our aims as a school.

Our Governing Body

The Governing Body at The Lea consists of up of 15 individuals, including parents, local authority and co-opted members, staff and the Headteacher.  They each bring distinctive perspectives and skills to the Governing body, enabling us to draw on a wide variety of talents and networks for the benefit of the school.

The Full Governing Board (FGB) meet every term and in addition, the FGB is divided into two sub committees : Teaching, Learning and Curriculum (TLC) and Resources which both meet once a term. Our governors also find that a valuable and enjoyable part of their job is to visit the school during the day to develop their understanding of school life.

The Co-Chair of Governors are Mrs Beth Featherby and Mrs Sharon Mansour. You can contact Beth and Sharon via the school office.

Minutes from the Full Governing Body meetings are available from the School Office.

There are no declared business or pecuniary interests, or governance roles in other educational institutions.  Please see attached table. 

Our Governors

Name Governor Type Term of Office Committees Attendance at FGB meetings
Mr James Berry Headteacher

01.09.18 –

Mrs Beth Featherby
(Chair of Governors)
Parent 14.11.17 – 13.11.21 TLC
Mrs Sharon Mansour
(Chair of Governors)
* Safeguarding
Parent 11.09.15 – 10.09.19 TLC
Mrs Sophie Capel Co-opted Parent 24.06.19 – 23.06.23 Resources
Mrs Sally Davey Staff 20.05.13 – 19.05.17
19.05.17 – 18.05.21
TLC 3/3
Mrs Caroline Glover Co-opted 11.09.14 – 10.09.18
11.09.18 – 10.09.22
Resources 2/3
Mr Stephen Green Parent 25.10.18 – 24.10.22 Resources 2/2
Mrs Evie Keough Co-opted 01.05.18 – 30.04.22 TLC 1/3
Mrs Emma Lambert Co-opted 29.11.18 – 28.11.22 TLC 1/1
Ms Ajminder Shergill Parent 15.11.16 – 14.11.20 TLC 2/3
Mrs Sara Sparrow Co-opted
11.09.14 – 23.02.17
23.02.17 – 22.02.21
TLC 3/3
Miss Kate Suddaby Local Authority 24.06.19 – 23.06.23 TLC 1/3
Mr Neki Suharan Co-opted 24.11.16 – 23.11.20 Resources 2/3