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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report my child absent?

Please call or email the school office by 9am on the first day of absence.  If you do not call us, you will receive a text asking you to contact the office to explain your child’s unauthorised absence.  We also ask that you keep the school informed during any prolonged absence.    Suspected Coronavirus symptoms must be notified to the school immediately.

What do I do if my child is late for school?

We currently have staggered opening times to ensure social distancing, and we ask parents to ensure that their children arrive at school promptly each day.   Late children will be signed it at the school office and taken round to their classroom.

When can I meet my child’s teacher?

Please email the school office to make an appointment to speak to the Head Teacher or Class teachers by phone.   We will organise ‘meet the teacher’ sessions for parents at the start of term, and these will be held in the school hall so social distancing can be achieved.

What if my child has a medical appointment during a school day?

This should be avoided wherever possible.  Parents must complete a form for any medical/dental appointments in school time and the absence will be approved by the Headteacher.  Forms are available on this website.

Will the school be happy to administer medication to my child?

Following the Coronavirus pandemic we are only able to accept Emergency Medication in school (such as Epipens,  asthma inhalers).

Can I take my child out of school for a holiday?

Holidays during term time should be avoided where possible as they cannot be authorised by the Headteacher.  Parents/Carers needing to take their child out of school during term time must complete a form and submit it to the Headteacher.  Only exceptional absences can be authorised by the Headteacher.

How will the school communicate with me?

The school office is paperless so all communication will come to you electronically:

  •  A newsletter is emailed to parents on Friday each week and posted on the website.
  • Relevant letters will be emailed to you and a copy posted on the website.
  • Consent will be requested via Jotform and stored electronically.
  • The school will send important reminders via text and phone.
  • There are regular updates of what is going on day-to-day on our Twitter account (@Leaprimary) and the School Facebook page (
  • Please refer to our website Calendar Dates for a list of upcoming events.

How do I pay for trips and school dinners?

Parents should pay using the School Gateway.    Our parents and carers see this as a convenient way to pay for school dinners, trips and other costs.    Any cash or cheques will be returned as the School Office can no longer accept these forms of payment.

What if my child has an allergy or dietary need?

Please inform the school  of any dietary needs that your child may have, particularly if it is a food that the child is allergic to or must not eat for religious reasons.  You will fill this in as part of the New Pupil Information Pack, but it is important to keep the school office informed of any changes.

Hertfordshire Catering will require evidence from a medical professional so they can produce an allergy specific menu for your child.  Please visit their website and complete the online application.  If you have any questions please call HCL on 01707 292500.

How will I find out if the school is closed due to bad weather?

If the school has to close due to severe weather conditions, we will notify parents and carers via:

If you do not receive notice from us, you should always assume that the school will be open as normal for all pupils.

What homework will my child be set?

Homework is set to support the children’s learning at The Lea. For younger children, this is generally tasks from our reading scheme. As children progress through the school, the tasks support other areas of the curriculum and are designed to encourage good study skills, with emphasis on reading, spellings, multiplication tables and number facts.

What should my child bring to school each day?

  • Book bag  with reading book and school planner
  • Water bottle
  • Pencil case: children in Year 4-6 are welcome to bring a pencil case in to school each day.  We recommend that the pencil case must be clear plastic and should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.  We recommend this includes pencils (HB), a ruler, glue stick, pencil sharpener and rubber.  Any other stationary beyond this list is not required

How does the Team Points system work?

Each child belongs to one of four teams / house colours – Topaz (yellow)Sapphire (blue), Emerald (green) and Ruby (red).  Team points will be given to children for good work, good behaviour and positive attitude.  Children will receive a certificate in celebration assembly when they hit certain milestones: bronze when they reach 25 team points; silver for 50 team points and gold for 100 team points.  When they reach 75 points a letter is sent home.  A running total of house points is displayed in the  in the hall.  The winning team each term will receive an in-school prize (in the past teams have had a  trampolining session, ice creams at break time, etc.).

Is there a lost property area?

Please label all articles of clothing. Lost property is displayed regularly in the playground for families to check and claim.  If items are not claimed after a term they are put into the second hand clothes bank run by our PTA, or recycled.

Is there parking near the school?

There are no parking restrictions near the school but we ask our parents to park sensibly and with consideration to our neighbours and other pedestrians at both drop off and pick up times.  We would like to draw your attention to the Highway Code and the rules we should all be following:

  • Rule 191 – You MUST NOT park on a crossing or in the area covered by the zig-zag lines.
  • Rule 243 – DO NOT stop or park:
    – near a school entrance
    – anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
    – opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction
    – in front of an entrance to a property
    – on a bend
  • Rule  123 –  You must not leave a vehicle’s engine running unnecessarily while that vehicle is stationary on a public road.

To alleviate traffic congestion we have a self-imposed 1-way system that we would like you to adhere to at pick up and drop off times i.e. up Moorland Road, right into Rye Hill and right down Westfield Drive back to Westfield Road.

Our pupils’ safety is our key priority; therefore, we would appreciate your co-operation in parking safely and sensibly.

How can I get involved?

We see education as a partnership between home and school.  To this end we very much welcome any parents who wish to play an active role in the school.  The class teacher provides an outline of the curriculum their child will be studying at the beginning of each term so parents are aware of what is being taught and can, where possible, contribute in some way.  If you feel you have something to offer then please talk to your class teacher or Class Rep.   You may also consider joining the Lea School Association to help with fundraising.

What secondary schools do children at The Lea go on to?

The vast majority of our pupils move on to Harpenden secondary schools when they leave Year 6.  In September 2021, 11 of our pupils went to St George’s, 8 to KWS, 6 to Sir John Lawes and 4 to Roundwood Park.

Distance from The Lea to:
~ St George’s School – 892m
~ Sir John Lawes School – 902m
~ Roundwood Park School – 1665m
~ Katherine Warington School – 1681m

Can my child walk to school unaccompanied?

Only Year 6 pupils are permitted to walk to school without an adult and we ask parents to put their permission in writing to the school.

Can my child bring a mobile phone to school?

Only Year 6 pupils are permitted to bring phones to school.  They are handed in during Registration each morning and stored securely in the school office.