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Class Reps

The Lea is a wonderful community to be part of and we are fortunate to have an active and enthusiastic Class Rep system in place.  The current reps are:

Reception Hardip Shokar
Year 1 Laura Holton-Gaus
Year 2 Kirsten Williams and Ruxandra Morosanu
Year 3 Katie Farr and Lian Hillier
Year 4 Miriam Dorado-Lee
Year 5 Cathryn Egan and Miho Fukuda
Year 6 Sarah Green

We see the role of a Class Rep as one of helping to maintain the real sense of community among the class parents and helping provide the link between the parents, teachers, governors and the PTA – with the ultimate goal of making our school the best one possible for our children.

Maintaining Class Contact Details

Keeping and circulating an up-to-date list of all the children in the class and their contact details is a key part of this role.   This is a very handy list for everyone in the class to have, for everything from play dates and party invitations to emergency pick-up help!
(Due to data protection the school is unable to share contact information so parents need to share their details amongst themselves – should they choose.  It is very important to get everyone’s permission to be added to the list.)

In updating the class list the Class Rep can help welcome new families and assist them in getting to know other families and to feel part of the school community.

The list is NOT to be circulated outside the school class and not to be used for commercial purposes. Use the data responsibly and be aware that not all parents will want all their information listed (e.g. someone may be happy to add an email address, but not a telephone number, etc.).  Make sure hard copies are not left anywhere where they could be picked up.

Suggested data: Child’s Name, Birthday, Parent/Carer’s Name, Telephone, Email.

PTA Events

Class reps should ideally attend PTA meetings so that they can share information on forthcoming PTA events to parents and enlist support where needed.

Social events

Class coffee mornings and parents’ social evenings are always good fun and the most effective way of helping parents get to know each other and generating a good team spirit in your class.

Teacher Liaison

Teachers also like to be kept in the loop. Class Reps can be an invaluable aid in disseminating and collecting information e.g. last-minute reminders about class trips, etc. The Rep would ideally be someone who comes to the school at pick up time and can speak with the teachers, taking care not to monopolise the teachers’ time.

Governor Liaison

Class Reps should be aware of current Parent Governors at the school again for dissemination and collection of relevant information.

We suggest that this role is a termly or two termly role. If you are a current class rep you should ideally find a class replacement before you stand down.