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Tapestry is an online Learning Journal platform that allows staff to record children’s learning and achievements electronically.  Parents of our Nursery and Reception classes can view their child’s learning journal on mobile devices and on their home computers, and can make observations of their own using a secure login system.

Why are we using Tapestry?

It creates a two way communication between us (the EYFS team), and you (the parents and carers).  We can upload photos and videos of your child’s learning and achievements in school that you will be able to access at home from your personal devices.

There are greater opportunities to extend your child’s learning at home as you can follow on learning that has happened in school.

How does it work?

After reading and signing the electronic consent form, an account will be created for your child.  (You will need to set a secure password for your own account.)

Photos, videos and observations will be uploaded to Tapestry for you to view / comment on.

Tapestry can be accessed via the Android/iOS app or the Tapestry website

How we plan to use it

You will receive updates on the activities your child has been engaged in at school. There will be a combination of short observations (snapshot moments), as well as longer observations.  [Note: You may not receive an update or alert every day but we can assure you, they will still have been having lots of fun!]

Observations will indicate whether your child has taken part in an Adult-Led (AL) activity or has been in Child Initiated Learning time (ChIL).

What should I put on Tapestry?

  • Experiences that you have shared together that may connect to learning in school.
  • Achievements like swimming or a gymnastics award; writing; counting; colouring or painting –  we love to hear about these.
  • Other achievements, such as learning to put their coat on or eating with a knife and fork, are also really valuable for us to know!

What / How should I comment on observations from school?

Tell us if your child has been doing anything similar at home or mentioned their learning to you. Especially, add comments if you are surprised they have achieved something you were unaware that they could do. We would love to hear from you!

You can also use the like button on your favourite photos.

Remember: comments and observations that are uploaded should be  celebrations of your child’s achievements and learning.  If you need to ask a question or have a general enquiry, please speak to us directly or arrange an appointment rather than commenting through Tapestry.

How is the data protected?

  • A password is required to access Tapestry, and parents can only view observations of their own children, or with permission, group observations.
  • Tapestry is hosted on secure cloud servers within the EU.
  • Tapestry uses the same encryption as online banking.
  • Data is stored separately for each school.
  • Tapestry’s developers and support personnel require our permission to access our Tapestry account.

Safe usage

E-safety is extremely important to us.  As parents and carers you have signed the agreement to show that you understand and agree with our guidelines.

  • I agree to uphold schools’ request not to share or upload any photographs from your child’s on-line learning journey to any social media sites.
  • I will keep the login details within my trusted family.
  • I agree to my child appearing in group photographs that may be included in other children’s Learning Journals.

How you get started

You will receive an activation email from the school so please follow the link and set up your password. The email will expire one week from us sending it to you.

User guides for different devices are available here: