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Healthy, nutritious cooked school meals are freshly prepared on site by our caterers, Hertfordshire Catering Ltd, following the multi choice menu.  Children may choose from a variety of main courses, vegetables and desserts where there is an emphasis on a healthy diet and whole foods are used wherever possible.  Fresh fruit and drinks are available every day.

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Universal free school meals are available for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.  For Nursery and KS2 school pupils dinners currently cost £2.60 per day (£2.30 per day for Nursery) and parents will be invoiced for meals half termly in advance.

Children eat together in the dining area supervised by our midday staff who are responsible to the Head Teacher for pupils’ welfare.

Alternatively, children may bring a packed lunch from home.  You also have the option of choosing a combination of both school dinners and packed lunches e.g. you may want school dinners on a Wed and Fri, and packed lunches for the other 3 days, etc.  You will need to commit to a pattern for half a term and pay in advance, giving the office two weeks’ notice if you wish to change from one arrangement to another.

Special Dietary Needs / Allergies

Parents of pupils with special dietary needs or allergies will need to make the school office aware, even if they do not plan to have a school meal.  Parents should note that our caterers (HCL – Hertfordshire Catering Ltd) are unable to provide your child with a school meal until their online application form for special menus has been completed.  Please use the link to their website:

Free School Meals

If you think you might be entitled to claim Free School Meals for your child, please contact the FSM Department on 0300 1234048 or go to


Register/Pay for school milkChildren can have milk as part of their mid-morning snack.  Nursery and Reception children are entitled to receive free milk until the term they turn 5, after that the cost is approx. £15 per term.  If you would like your child to have milk you must register with Cool Milk.  (You can register online at

Mid-Morning Snack

All pupils in Foundation Stage and KS1 are entitled to one piece of fruit or vegetable per day, provided by the government, and children whose parents purchase milk through the school can drink it at this time.

KS2 pupils are very welcome to bring in a snack from home for morning break but this must be fruit or vegetables only – no snack bars are allowed.

Healthy Eating

Eating well is extremely important for children as it gives them energy and provides them with the nutrients they need to grow, develop and be healthy and active. We encourage parents to provide as healthy a packed lunch as possible. Below is an information leaflet on healthy packed lunches, which we encourage you to take the time to read. We hope you will find some useful tips on providing a healthy and varied lunch for your child.

Note: After consulting with staff, school council, governors and kitchen staff we have made the decision that from September 2019 we will not be offering children who have a school dinner the option of coming up for a second helping.  The dinner provided by the school kitchen is balanced meal that provides the right nutrition for a child’s age.  There have been a noticeable number of children coming for a second helping of certain food types on certain days e.g. pasta, potato and chips over the past year and as a healthy school we aim to remove this option.  We will be supporting this change by discussing healthy eating options in class.

No Nuts Policy

We have an increased number of pupils at school with severe allergies. Please note that food containing nuts must not be brought into school. This applies to packed lunches and break time snacks and includes peanut butter and Nutella sandwiches. Thank you for your co-operation.