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Religious Education

Children study Religious Education using the Hertfordshire syllabus. The school is a multi-faith school and this is reflected in the learning conducted in RE lessons.

RE at The Lea supports our children to ask, understand and consider deep questions through investigating eight key areas of religions and world views:

  • beliefs and practices,
  • sources of wisdom,
  • symbols and action,
  • prayer and worship,
  • identity and belonging,
  • ultimate questions,
  • human responsibility and values, and
  • justice and fairness.


As a statutory subject, children engage in regular RE lessons taught following the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus of Religious Education 2017-2022, which is a syllabus that is parallel to the National Curriculum. The agreed syllabus sets out the statutory requirements for Hertfordshire Community Schools, offering clarity and revision to the expected aims, learning outcomes, breadth of study and time allocation for Religious Education.


Our lessons are enhanced by visitors and trips, to provide the children with context and the chance to talk to believers and experts in the religions that are studied. We are pleased to welcome Jump!, made up of a group of local Christians and church leaders who explain areas of the Christian religion to the children from the perspective of a believer. Acting Up! also come in to share their faith as Christians during assemblies. To explore aspects of the Islamic faith we have been pleased to welcome Claire Ali from Islam Educational Workshop, she offers first-hand experience of life as a Muslim, sharing artefacts and knowledge to support in delivering lessons about the Islamic faith.  The children make good use of the churches in the local community as areas in which to explore and ask questions about the Christian faith and investigate what happens and what is important in the school’s local community.


As the children progress through the school, our aim is that they become religiously and theologically literate in order to connect their understanding and knowledge of some world views and religions, reflecting on and analysing different viewpoints. Perhaps most importantly, we work to develop a demonstration of respect and compassion towards a range of diverse beliefs and viewpoints.


Useful links A range of resources designed to inform parents who are supporting their children with their RE learning.  This website has a wealth of resources for learning about the Christian faith.  This website offers knowledge and understanding of world religions, their traditions and views.