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What Our Parents Say

We value all forms of parent feedback.  We regularly conduct polls and surveys to gather parent views and each year we conduct a parent survey, analyse the results and use trends in our school development planning.

We also hold a Parent Consultation meeting each term to review areas for development in more detail with parents.

In our November 2022 survey 100% of parents said they would recommend The Lea to another parent.  We were pleased to read some particularly heart-warming and noteworthy comments which included:

  • My children are very happy at The Lea, they love everything about it. We are very grateful that our children are a part of this wonderful school.
  • We love the extra wellbeing and mental health agendas the school has.
  • The Lea grows confident, thoughtful and high achieving children.
  • What a lovely community! We are so thrilled that we have found this school.
  • There is lots of support for home learning, but it is also approached with a high regard for the needs of the individual child and families.
  • Children are seen as individuals and each one is valued.
  • All members of staff are very friendly and approachable.
  • Great range of clubs and PTA events for the children to be involved with.
  • There are a lot of opportunities for parents to be involved with the school and to meet the rest of the parent community.
  • We are so pleased that our child gets to take part in this positive, inclusive learning environment.
  • Good and effective communication between children, school and parents.
  • The Lea has a lovely community of parents, grandparents and carers. The care and support they offer help the school run smoothly and make the school feel like one big happy family where everyone does what they can to help the children grow, learn and achieve.
  • The staff at the Lea are so open and approachable, I can see why the children are so happy there. The children are seen as individuals and I know their needs are cared for.
  • The structure of the syllabus is well organised.
  • Outstanding academic results – children and parents are happy at The Lea.

Parent View

Parent View is part of the OFSTED website, which gives you the chance to tell OFSTED what you think of your child’s school. Please click below to use Parent View on the OFSTED website.

“Parents and carers are overwhelmingly effusive about the school and the education, care and additional experiences it offers their children.  One parent summarised what many say, writing:  ‘The Lea is a truly wonderful place, where all staff value, nurture and celebrate the talents and interests of all its pupils.  It has a wonderful feeling of community and togetherness.  It’s all the little things they do so well that make it such a fantastic school and why children enjoy learning so much.’”